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Thursday, August 31, 2006 

Meeting places

I attend quite a bit of meetings. Too many, some would say. I even attend meetings for the sole purpose of reporting to other meetings. And so the cycle continues.

In the church, we are inundated with meetings, and sometimes those meetings can be frustrating especially when it appears that only the wheels turn and no forward progress is made. But I am reminded in meetings that ultimately the goal of followers of Jesus is to arrange a meeting between those who do not know the divine and the One who is divine. Put another way, as Christians our call is to witness to the gospel in such a way that when we meet with God - the real, lay it all out on the table kind of meeting - we are transformed. The difference is so noticeable in our words and actions that people see (and feel!) God in us.

Isn't this what God does: meet us? Isn't this what the incarnation - the coming of God made flesh in Jesus - is all about? Isn't this what the story of Pentecost is about? The exodus? Isn't this the witness of the resurrection? The celebration of communion? The new beginning of baptism? God is meeting us, over and over again. It might be slight and barely perceptible, but it is there. It might be obvious. But God arranges meetings all the time. Now if we could just show up to those meetings more often.

Quite insightful......how do we move from meeting just to meet to really meeting??????? I think it goes to people wanting to "do church" instead of the more personal, radical reality of "being the church".

so often we make the mistake of asssssing one's relationship with Christ with the fact that they are / aren't on church committees or attending 'meetings'

Not really sure how to break this cycle but we need to!

Heard someone to say the church is like a bicycle, the only time it is stable is when its moving forward.

Meetings are bikes on kickstands. Bike is upright, but no one is sitting on it, and it certainly ain't going nowhere (just like most meetings).

So how about another blog entry Paul...or are you in too many meetings.

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